What Are the Dresses That Are Longer in the Back Called?

Add variety to your wardrobe with a high-low hem dress.
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Once upon a time, dress and skirt hems were either high or low, and fairly straight across the bottom. However, enter the twenty-first century -- when anything goes -- and fashion designers have popularized the high-low hem. Longer in the back and shorter in the front, the high-low hem look adorns dresses, skirts and even blouses.

1 Benefits

Decidedly feminine with a touch of unique style, the high-low hem makes a head-turning fashion statement. Extra coverage in the back adds a touch of modesty.

2 Styling

Cinch your waist with a colored skinny belt. If your dress is multi-colored, choose its secondary or third color. According to the fashion blog Lovelyish, keep your accessories minimal to keep your unique hem the focal point of your stylish ensemble.

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