How to Download All Contents of a Picture Album Using Facebook

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Saving a photo from Facebook is often as easy as right-clicking, selecting "Save picture as" and picking a location. While useful for an individual picture, it can be inefficient when you have large numbers of photos to save or want to save a full album. Saving Facebook pics en masse requires special software, as Facebook doesn't natively offer this feature. There are a few tools that can help, each using a different method to save albums to your computer.

  • Zip file extractor (File Explorer Zip extractor, 7Zip, WinRAR)
  • PDF Document Viewer (Adobe Reader)

1 PhotoLive

2 Launch Google Chrome

Launch Google Chrome and download the PhotoLive extension (see Resources).

3 Sign in to your Facebook account

Sign in to your Facebook account.

4 Open the album

Open the album you wish to download.

5 Click the PhotoLive icon

Click the PhotoLive icon to the right of the Facebook search bar.

6 Click Download X Photos .''

Click "Download X Photos." The X will always be replaced by the number of photos in the album.

7 Click Connect to Start and authorize PhotoLive

Click "Connect to Start" and authorize PhotoLive to connect to your Facebook profile.

8 Click Start Download

Click "Start Download" to begin downloading the files.

9 Unzip the file

Unzip the file once it has finished. You will now have a downloaded album of your pictures.

10 PickNZip

11 Open your preferred Web browser

Open your preferred Web browser and navigate to PickNZip (see Resources).

12 Click Login

Click "Login" and authorize PickNZip to connect to your Facebook profile.

13 Click Find My Photos

Click "Find My Photos & Videos" to find your own albums, or click a friend's name to load their pictures.

14 Click the Albums tab

Click the "Albums" tab and select an album, then click "Select All" or individually click on images to select them.

15 Click Download

Click "Download," then "Download my selection" to download the selected folder or "Download all photos" to download all photos associated with the selected person.

16 Select a download format

Select a download format. If you select Zip, you'll need to unzip the folder. If you select PDF, you'll need a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader.

17 Select a download location

Select a download location. Once the file has downloaded, unzip it to access the pictures or open them using a PDF reader.

18 Social Folders

19 Download and install Social Folders

Download and install Social Folders (link in Resources).

20 Click Connect with Facebook

Click "Connect with Facebook" when prompted during installation and supply your login information.

21 Click Okay to authorize Social Folders

Click "Okay" to authorize Social Folders to connect with your Facebook account.

22 Select the albums

Select the albums you wish to download and click "Done" or "Download all my albums."

23 Select the albums from your friends

Select the albums from your friends that you wish to download and click finish.

24 Finish the installation

Finish the installation using the on-screen instructions. Once sync has completed, the albums are saved to your computer in the Social Folders folder. By default, this folder is located in your Documents library.

  • All of these tools require you to authorize a connection to your Facebook account. If you aren't comfortable connecting these programs to your account, then you shouldn't attempt to use them.
  • The PhotoLive extension works only for Google Chrome. If you use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Opera, use one of the other two methods to download albums.