How to Delete a Recipients List From the LG Rumour

Reset the Contacts app on the LG Rumor to delete your entire recipients list.
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As you add contacts to your LG Rumor recipients list, your list can grow out of control over time. To manage and organize your Contacts app, delete individual contacts one at a time from the Contacts list. You can also delete the entire recipients list from the device by resetting the Contact app. Resetting the Contacts app deletes all data from the app so you can start a new recipients list from scratch on your Rumor.

1 Delete Single Contact

2 Tap the Home icon from the LG Rumor home screen

Tap the “Home” icon from the LG Rumor home screen, and then tap the “Contacts” option to open the Contacts app.

3 Tap the recipient to delete

Tap the recipient to delete, and then tap “Contact Details.” The contact’s details screen opens.

4 Tap the Delete option Delete in the bottom toolbar

Tap the “Delete” option in the bottom toolbar. The Delete Contact confirmation dialog box displays.

5 Tap Delete

Tap “Delete.” The individual contact is deleted.

6 Reset Contacts List

7 Press the Home ” key

Press the “Home” key, and then tap “Main Menu” to open the LG Rumor device menu.

8 To open the Settings menu

Tap the “Settings and Tools” tab, and then tap “Settings” to open the Settings menu.

9 Tap More

Tap “More” to view additional Settings options.

10 Tap the Security ” option

Tap the “Security” option. The password prompt displays if you have a password set on your device. Type your password. The Security menu opens.

11 Tap the Erase/Reset'' option

Tap the “Erase/Reset" option, and then tap “Erase Contacts." The confirmation dialog box opens.

12 Tap Yes to confirm and reset your Contacts

Tap “Yes" to confirm and reset your Contacts list.

  • To edit a contact, tap the “Edit” button in the Contact Details screen. The contact details open in edit mode.

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