How to Make My Tri-Fold Board Presentation Awesome

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Making an excellent tri-fold board presentation depends in large part on ensuring that the needs of your audience are taken into account. To that end, you should make every effort to design concise and comprehensive materials that can be easily displayed on a tri-fold board. Communicating this information with clarity will further guarantee your audience's attention and interest. The ultimate success of a tri-fold board presentation depends on a combination of the presenter’s creative skills and the strength of the content.

  • Tri-fold display board
  • Construction paper
  • Typed or written material
  • Photos, graphs or charts
  • Crayons, poster colors, paints, markers
  • Glue or tape
  • Laminates or transparent sheet protectors

1 Research

Research, organize and prepare the content of you presentation. Making a draft of all of the main points that will be used in the display prior to beginning the actual work of assembling the display's physical components will give you a chance to experiment with where the content should be placed. Present the topic in a logical order in order to guarantee coherence.

2 Make use of simplified charts

Make use of simplified charts, graphs and diagrams to give clarity to the information you are presenting. Using well-designed figures and tables will help emphasize your key points. The use of photos, illustrations and 3-D objects will also help make an attractive and interesting display. Keep in mind that you should use a large format for the main ideas and supporting photographs, charts and graphs. At the same time, use only short and crisp words to explain key concepts.

3 Think

Think of a catchy title for your presentation. Use clear subtitles and simple captions to enable easy comprehension. Be sure to include only pertinent information in the presentation; doing so will ensure clarity and conciseness. You can always include any extraneous -- but still important -- information in additional hand-outs.

4 Design the tri-fold board

Design the tri-fold board using colors and contrasts that don't impair data readability. To improve readability, be sure to print text in dark ink on a light background. Make use of font variation to highlight key points. Use color borders on every section on display. Get creative and use crayons, poster colors, paints and markers to make the display colorful and eye-catching.

5 Use construction paper

Use construction paper as a base or background material on the tri-fold display board before mounting any other materials. Utilize glue to mount only the finished materials and remember that neatness counts when assembling the final components for display. You should laminate the finished display in order to ensure a longer shelf life.

  • Display related samples or tools used in the project or create interactive displays to draw the viewers’ attention.
  • Stand close to the display and a bit off to the side during and after the presentation.

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