How to Create an Activities Timesheet in Excel

Use Excel charts to help visually track your activities.
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You can log important activities using some of the free templates available in Microsoft Excel 2013. Instead of manually creating a timesheet using a blank worksheet, you begin working with a template and then customize the data to fit your needs. The Project Timeline template is designed for tracking activities and deadlines for your projects. Your milestones are visually depicted in the included chart. You can also alter the Employee Shift Schedule template and use it as an activity timesheet for your projects.

1 Project Timeline

Click "File," New" and then "Schedule" from the suggested searches. Scroll down the list of templates, click "Project Timeline" and then click the "Create" button to download and open the template. Enter milestones into the fields under the Activity column, such as activity names. Enter the dates for each activity into the adjacent cells under the Start and End columns. Add notes to the Notes column. Delete row data that you do not need. Your table data will automatically update the chart at the top.

2 Activities Schedule

Open Excel, click "File," "New" and then click "Schedule." Scroll down the list and then click "Employee Shift Schedule." Click "Create" to create a spreadsheet from the Employee Shift Schedule template. Replace the date in cell B7 with the date for your timesheet. Click the "Setup" worksheet tab. If you're recording activities for specific individuals, enter their names under "Employees." Alternatively, replace "Employees" with "Projects" and then enter project names in column B. Replace "Position/Time Off" with "Activities" and then enter each activity in the cells below.

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