Use your iPad to interact with the SMART Board during class.

SMART Boards -- interactive electronic whiteboards with touch-screen capabilities -- are ideal for classroom projects requiring live presentations. With the iOS device in hand, you can project from your iPad to the SMART Board and interact with it on full display. In order to initialize this connection between the SMART Board and your iPad, you will first need to purchase and install the SMART Notebook App from the iTunes App Store.

SMART Notebook App for iPad

The SMART Notebook App is a slightly simpler version of the software your teachers use to design multimedia demonstrations and lessons on a computer. With the app installed on your iPad, you can create your own presentations and activities and then project your work to the SMART Board in the classroom. You can also download lessons from your teacher, complete them on your iPad -- with features like text entry, photo insertion and sound recording -- and then beam them back to the SMART Board for instruction or display.