How to Convince Your Mom to Let You Go to the Mall Alone

Going to the mall by yourself is a big step.
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Shopping malls are fun places for teens to shop and hang out. The last thing you want to do is show up with your mom when feel you are ready to go on your own. For many moms, letting a child go to the mall without them is a big step. Your mom may worry that you could become the victim of crime, and she may be right. While U.S. Department of Justice statistics report that crimes against young people have fallen 77 percent from 1994-2010, those ages 12 to 19 are the most frequent victims of major crimes, according to the National Crime Prevention Council.

Ask your mom why she is hesitant about letting you go to the mall alone. Is she worried about safety, or does she think you will get into trouble? Her concerns may stem from instances of crime at the mall.

Address your mom's concerns and tell her how you would handle certain situations. Let her know you understand not to talk to strangers and that you will keep your personal belongings secure. If you plan to meet friends, tell her who they are and where you will meet. Tell her your emergency plan: If you need help, you will call 911 or find a mall security officer.

Remind your mom how you have shown responsibility in the past. Point out how you come home on time, finish household chores or successfully complete school assignments.

Compromise with your mom if she still does not want you to go to the mall alone. Ask if you can go with her the next time she shops at the mall. See if she will let you venture off on your own for a short time. Agree on a time and place when you will come back to check in with her. By proving you can handle small amounts of independence, your mom may be likely to give you more freedom.

  • Never sneak off to the mall against your mom's wishes. If she discovers you have disobeyed her, she will be less likely to let you do things by yourself.
  • If you have a history of being irresponsible or getting into trouble, it will be difficult to convince your mom that you are ready to hang out at the mall. Take time to turn your behavior around and show your mom she can trust you. If your mom still won't let you go to the mall alone, back off and work on showing her how you have changed.

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