How to Explain a Policeman's Job to a Kindergarten Child

Children should know not to be afraid of police officers.

When telling a young child, such as a kindergartener, about topics he doesn't know about, it is best to talk slowly and use words he understands. It's easiest for his retention if you don't get detailed, as this will only confuse the child, and he will likely not understand or will forget what you said altogether. When discussing what a police officer does, highlight what role the officer plays in the child's life.

Show the child a photo of a police officer and tell her that the officer is usually dressed something like this. If possible, point a police officer out to her on the street so she knows what an officer in her region looks like.

Make sure the child knows that police officers serve and protect people. Tell him he can ask a police officer for help if he is in trouble.

Tell her that police officers try to stop bad people from doing bad things, such as hurting others and stealing items. Make sure she knows that the police officer puts the person into his car, takes him to the police station and then tries to figure out if he is responsible for the crime.

Let him know about the various types of police officers. For example, tell him that a person is only allowed to drive her car at a certain speed, and if she goes over the speed limit, she can get a ticket.

Explain where people who do bad things go when they are caught by the police. Tell her they have to go into a prison for a certain period of time, depending on the severity of their crime.

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