Community College Assessment Test Questions

Many assessments have a multiple-choice format.
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Assessment tests that incoming community college students complete help them improve their chances of succeeding in school. The assessment exams measure an individual’s level of knowledge in basic academic areas to ensure that he enrolls in classes that aren’t too difficult or simple. Many community colleges use the ASSET or Compass tests designed by ACT, or the ACCUPLACER test designed by the College Board.

1 Math Assessment Questions

Community college math assessments test an individual’s ability to perform arithmetic, algebra and some college-level math. Arithmetic or basic math assessments cover topics like decimals, percents, fractions, simple geometry and basic ratios. An elementary algebra assessment has questions that test an individual’s ability to solve problems that deal with algebraic expressions, linear equations, factoring and word problems. A college-level math assessment measures an individual’s ability to solve problems using algebraic expressions, complex numbers, permutations, coordinate geometry and trigonometry.

2 Reading Comprehension Questions

A reading comprehension assessment evaluates a student’s readiness to enter an entry-level college class, according to the ACT website. In this type of assessment, a student generally reads and answers questions about passages that discuss topics like natural science, humanities, prose fiction and social sciences. The questions test an individual’s ability to understand what he reads, as well as identify the main idea of a passage, supporting ideas and direct statements.

3 Grammar Assessment Questions

A grammar, or writing skills, assessment determines a student’s preparedness to take a college-level writing class. The questions measure an individual’s understanding of sentence structure and the relationship between two or more sentences. The assessment also tests a student’s ability to use grammar and punctuation correctly.

4 Writing Assessment

The written section of a community college assessment evaluates an individual’s ability to write in a way that’s clear, organized and correct. The test generally prompts a student to write about a familiar topic, formulate an opinion and defend her point of view. Depending on the assessment, the individual may have to write with a particular audience in mind, like a school board. To receive a good score, the essay should have a clear focus, logical organization and development, strong supporting details, effective sentence structure and the correct use of mechanical conventions like spelling and grammar.

5 ESL Assessments

Depending on the community college, an international student or a student whose first language isn’t English may need to complete English as a Second Language, or ESL, assessments. The assessments evaluate an individual’s ability to use correct grammar and understand the meaning of sentences and short passages. An ESL listening test measures a student’s comprehension of one or more people having conversations in English. The conversations cover topics like food, libraries, school or leisure activities.

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