How to Combine Your Facebook and Android Phone Address Books

Syncing contacts from your Facebook account allows your phone to autofill contact information based on a friend's profile.
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The ability to combine contacts between Facebook and Android phones exists as a built-in feature of the official Facebook app, which is a free download on the Google Play Store. The application can create new contacts for each Facebook friend or sync information for friends with existing contact profiles on the phone. By syncing the device with Facebook, the app will automatically add profile pictures, phone numbers and email addresses to the phone's contact card if the friend's profile contains that information on the social network.

1 Syncing Contacts

2 Download Facebook

Download "Facebook" from the Google Play Store (link in Resources). You can do this by tapping "Play Store" in the apps section of your phone, which may also be accessible from the home screen. Tap "Apps," "Top Free," then "Facebook." Alternatively, tap the magnifying glass then type "Facebook" to search for the app. Tap "Install" to download it.

3 Open the app

Open the app by tapping it from the "Apps" section of your phone. Sign into your Facebook account by following the onscreen prompts.

4 Tap the menu button

Tap the menu button at the top left of the Facebook app. The icon presents as three horizontal lines. Scroll to the bottom of the list and tap "App Settings."

5 Scroll

Scroll to "Other Settings" at the bottom of the "Settings" page. Tap "Sync Contacts" and then select either "Sync all" or "Sync with existing contacts." Tap "Sync" at the top right to combine the contacts.

6 To verify the sync

Tap "People" from the home screen or the "Apps" page on the Android device to verify the sync completed.

  • The sync automatically connects profiles with contacts of the same name, but it may create duplicates if a name is misspelled or different on Facebook. To connect two contacts with different names, open one, bring up the menu (this varies by phone) and then tap "Edit." Open the menu again and tap "Join" and then tap the name of the person you wish to merge the duplicate contact with.
  • Open the menu on the contacts page and select "Settings," then tap "Only Contacts With Phones" to filter out contacts without phone numbers. This helps avoid clutter on the contacts list, particularly if you created a contact for every Facebook friend.

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