Colleges in the Southeast Offering Physical Therapy Assistant Courses

Physical therapy assistants help people who are injured regain their strength.
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Physical therapy assistants work with physical therapists to ease the pain and rehabilitate patients who are recovering from accidents or injuries. The job market for physical therapy assistants is expected to grow 45 percent faster than the average job through 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Physical therapy assistants must have postsecondary education and training in order to obtain employment.

1 Physical Therapy Assistant Schools in North Carolina

Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte has a five-semester physical therapy assistant program. Prospective students must take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) prior to acceptance. Students will receive an associate degree in applied science upon completion of course work and be eligible to sit for the National Physical Therapy Exam. Preference for admission is given to students with experience in physical therapy work environments. Fayetteville Technical Community College has physical therapy assistant programs at Fort Bragg as well as the community college location for military veterans and their families who want to continue their educations. The physical therapy assistant program at Fayetteville Technical Community College is a five-semester program, which includes a one-semester clinical rotation.

2 Georgia Colleges For Physical Therapy Assistants

Athens Technical College in Athens offers an accredited physical therapy assistants program. Athens Tech requires that prospective students take the Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test. Also, students must document 24 hours of shadowing experience in a physical therapy setting in order to demonstrate experience or awareness of the demands of a physical therapy assistant. Students who have job experience in a physical therapy setting do not have to shadow. Darton State College in Albany's two-year physical therapy assistant program also requires that prospective students observe physical therapy assistants' work environment for 40 hours before applying. A student's clinical hours take up the final semester of course work.

3 Physical Therapy Assistant Schools in Florida

Gulf Coast State College in Panama City offers a full-time, two-year or five-semester program for physical therapy assistants. The clinical practice in the Gulf Coast program spans two semesters, rather than a single semester. Florida State College in Jacksonville has three semesters of clinical practice rather than two. As with many other community colleges, Florida State College allows prerequisite general courses to be completed at other locations. The physical therapist assistant courses must be completed at the college.

4 Physical Therapy Assistant Schools In Alabama

Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham's Physical Therapist Assistant program requires one year of prerequisite course work and one year of clinical course work. Students may take all of their classes on campus, or they may take some of their classes on campus, and some of their classes online. Clinicals must be taken onsite, however. Wallace Community College in Dothan also offers a physical therapy assistant program with a flexible course location. Some of the classes in the Wallace Community College program are on-site, while others are online. Like Jefferson State, all clinicals are on-site.

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