How to Close Coin Wraps

Coin wrappers are available at financial institutions, often free of charge.

Coin wraps are available free from most banks and other financial institutions. Rolling your loose change from your purse or piggy bank is a profitable way to spend a rainy afternoon or while watching TV. Closing the coin wraps is not difficult if you have the right number of coins in the roll and stack them correctly. Once you wrap all your coins you are ready to cash them in at the bank or deposit the money in your savings account.

Run your fingers along the filled coin wrapper cylinder to ensure that no coins are jammed in crooked. You can fill a gap if this happened. This ensures you have the correct amount of change in the wrapper.

Hold the roll of coins in your non-dominant hand with your middle finger extended into the open bottom end. Slide the finger in until it reaches the first joint. This prevents the coins from sliding out as you attempt to close it.

Press the thumb of your dominant hand on the edge of the top of the coin wrapper and push in. The paper collapses flush with the stack of coins. Repeat the method on the other side of the coin wrapper. This seals the coins inside on this end.

Turn the coin wrapper over so that the open end is up. Press the opening down on one side with your thumb flush with the coins. Repeat on the other side of the opening. The wrapped coins are now ready to take to the bank.

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