Endorsing a check is the process of signing a check that is payable to you over to someone else. This allows you to give the check to another party, who can then deposit it into her bank. This may be done to pay someone without the extra step of depositing it into your account first. This action can save time for the person receiving money.

Step 1

Look at the front of the check. Make sure the name on the front of the check is spelled correctly. If the name is misspelled, the bank may not accept it. In this case, you should return the check to the sender and have them issue a corrected check.

Step 2

Turn the check over and sign it in the designated place. This area is typically located on one end of the check. Make sure to sign it the same way it is made payable on the front.

Step 3

Give the check to the person you endorsed it to. The bank she deposits it with may require you to sign the check in front of a teller to minimize the risk of fraud.