Nose piercings add edginess to any personal style. Pop stars Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus, and even actress Scarlett Johansson, all boast nasal hardware. Nose piercings take between eight and 12 weeks to completely heal from the piercing procedure. Changing out the jewelry when the piercing is healed is a highlight, but approach this process with extra care and caution to keep the opening clean, healthy and damage-free. An infected piercing never makes a good accessory.

Step 1

Remove the original nose stud from the piercing by gently pulling on the outside of the stud. Follow the curve of the metal that holds the stud in place as you gently pull it out. If you wear a nose ring, gently remove the ring from the inside of the nose with your fingertips. Pull gently following the curve of the jewelry until the ring is free from the opening.

Step 2

Apply a few drops of saline solution to a cotton swab and swab off the original piece of jewelry. Put the original stud or ring in a clean, safe place.

Step 3

Apply some more saline solution to a new cotton swab and sweep the solution over the new nasal stud or ring to disinfect it thoroughly. Place the new piece of jewelry nearby on a clean surface so it is ready to insert.

Step 4

Soak a fresh cotton swab in saline solution and swab the inside and outside of the nose piercing site using a gentle motion. Gently swab over the opening just a couple of times to avoid irritating the skin and to remove any residue from the piercing.

Step 5

Pick up the new nose jewelry and gently insert it into the opening. Insert the tip of a nose stud from the outside of the piercing and gently push it into place. The stem should point upward on the inside of the nose to keep it in place. Insert a nose ring following the gentle curve of the ring until it is fully in place.