The Correct Way To Wear a Horseshoe Ring

Horseshoe pendants and rings are highly prized by superstitious gamblers.

The correct way to wear a horseshoe ring depends on the beliefs of each individual wearer. The U shape of the horseshoe is considered to be a sign of good luck or a good omen in many cultures around the world. Some people believe that the open end should point upward to collect luck, while others believe that the open end should point downward to pour its luck out onto you. Many superstitious people, especially card players, swear by their horseshoe rings.

Choose which hand on which you would like to wear your ring. Singles may choose their left hand as they aren't wearing a wedding ring, but many people feel that the right hand is more lucky than the left.

Decide what position your hands will be in when you need luck. Card players often hold their hands with their fingers pointing up. Other people may have their hands down at their sides.

Point the open end of the horseshoe either toward or away from the end of your ring finger on your chosen hand so that it will be facing in the right direction when you need luck to strike. Then slide the ring onto your finger.

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