Don't visit unknown websites or download suspicious files when an AntiVirus program is disabled.

Anti-virus software helps protect your computer from incoming threats, but from time to time, you might find an occasion to disable it. If you're using AVG's anti-virus program, you can set it to close down temporarily. The process also allows you to set a time to turn the program back on. If you want to turn it off completely, uninstall the program.

Temporarily Disable AVG

Click Tools

Click "Tools" from the AVG program, and then click "Advanced Settings."

Click in the check box

Click in the check box next to "Temporarily disable AVG protection."

Click OK .''

Click "OK."

Select a date

Select a date when you want AVG to turn back on.

Click OK

Click "OK."

Uninstall AVG

Click Start from the system tray

Click "Start" from the system tray, and then right-click on the AVG program.

Click Uninstall

Click "Uninstall" from the tray at the bottom of the screen.

Check that AVG AntiVirus

Check that "AVG AntiVirus" is highlighted and then click "Uninstall/Change."


  • If you're looking to remove the AVG toolbar from your system tray, click on the toolbar's down arrow, and then click "Hide/Uninstall the AVG Toolbar" from the list of options.

    The above instructions apply to Windows 8 and AVG AntiVirus 2014 or later, and may not apply to other versions of the Windows operating system and AVG programs.