How to Close AVG Completely

Don't visit unknown websites or download suspicious files when an AntiVirus program is disabled.
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Anti-virus software helps protect your computer from incoming threats, but from time to time, you might find an occasion to disable it. If you're using AVG's anti-virus program, you can set it to close down temporarily. The process also allows you to set a time to turn the program back on. If you want to turn it off completely, uninstall the program.

1 Temporarily Disable AVG

2 Click Tools

Click "Tools" from the AVG program, and then click "Advanced Settings."

3 Click in the check box

Click in the check box next to "Temporarily disable AVG protection."

4 Click OK .''

Click "OK."

5 Select a date

Select a date when you want AVG to turn back on.

6 Click OK

Click "OK."

7 Uninstall AVG

8 Click Start from the system tray

Click "Start" from the system tray, and then right-click on the AVG program.

9 Click Uninstall

Click "Uninstall" from the tray at the bottom of the screen.

10 Check that AVG AntiVirus

Check that "AVG AntiVirus" is highlighted and then click "Uninstall/Change."

  • If you're looking to remove the AVG toolbar from your system tray, click on the toolbar's down arrow, and then click "Hide/Uninstall the AVG Toolbar" from the list of options.
  • The above instructions apply to Windows 8 and AVG AntiVirus 2014 or later, and may not apply to other versions of the Windows operating system and AVG programs.

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