Church Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Church members outside church.
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Having a church scavenger hunt can serve many purposes. It can be a social gathering as well as a time to learn and practice what is preached. One type of church scavenger hunt provides opportunities to visit members, including shut-in members. Youth and new members might enjoy a hunt to help them learn more about their church family. These hunts are even great class or camp activities.

1 Visiting Scavenger Hunt

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Give each team a list of church members including those unable to attend church regularly. Provide a list of tasks and items to find along with any rules for this hunt. Teams visit each home to complete the hunt. One rule could be they can only do one task and find one item at each residence. This will help them include each member they visit in the game. Ask before the hunt which members will welcome visitors to their homes.

2 Outdoor Church Scavenger Hunt

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Working as a team each group will videotape or photograph items or tasks listed for the hunt. Have everyone take a turn documenting the findings so that groups work as a team. Have team members go out in the community to find items. Put location and distance restrictions, which will help with time and being equal to each team. This could be used as an outreach event and time to invite people to church. Have a thank-you note with the church name, location and phone number on it. Thank anyone helping with the hunt and invite them to attend church sometime.

3 Knowing the Church Scavenger Hunt

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Locate church members throughout the church building to help during this hunt. Hand out a paper to each student with a list of questions related to their church. Use a variety of questions. Some might be related to the church building, such as when was it built, how many windows it has, the address or how many pews there are. Other questions might be about the church community, including how many members, how old is the oldest member, the names of the church officers and the highest attendance recorded.

4 Items to List

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Church scavenger hunts could incorporate church-related items as well as other elements. Ideas for the list are: find a Bible, fill a notebook, recite a certain Bible verse, name the 12 disciples, do something nice for someone, thank a service person such as an emergency worker or soldier, sing "Amazing Grace" outside at the local park, thank a church officer or mentor, do a good deed or sing "Jesus Loves Me" with a small child.