Positive affirmations can be effective tools to strengthen your romantic relationship at every stage. Affirmations can help shift a problematic relationship into a stable, joyful one with their positive influence. Any specific positive statement affirmed silently or aloud can work for this purpose. Coming up with positive affirmations requires only your enthusiasm and intention to positively affirm your relationship.

Building Intimacy

Many couples have periods of feeling distant from one another. Affirming in the present tense a positive and uplifting statement such as, " I am open and willing to grow closer to my partner each day," can be very helpful. If you have difficulty sharing your feelings or find that your partner is sometimes emotionally unavailable, you can positively affirm, "I relax my defenses and trust that we are safe to share deeply with one another." Repeat these affirmations daily, either silently or aloud, and try stating them while looking in the mirror.

Resolving Arguments

During an argument, many couples forget their best intentions and act in ways that harm their relationship. To restore the peace after an argument, affirm, "I let go of grievances and forgive." Repeatedly affirming this may help initiate apologies on both sides. Making silent positive affirmations to yourself during a fight can also help keep you focused on the big picture. "I stay centered on love even when I feel angry," is a positive affirmation that can be used to help resolve disagreements with your partner before they get out of control. Writing affirmations down and reading them at quiet times can make them stronger in your mind.

Strengthening Communication

Positive affirmations can help you master communicating honestly and effectively in a romantic relationship. Strong positive statements like, "I speak from my heart with honesty and care," or "I listen with an open heart and without judgment," can lead you to create positive patterns in your romantic relationships. Going a step further and sharing these affirmations with your partner, posting them on sticky notes or saying them together can add another dimension to the positive impact the words will have on your thinking and your relationship.

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Trusting a Positive Outcome

Be confident that your positive affirmations are improving your relationship and stick with them. If you feel any resistance coming up, enhance your practice with "I am positive and affirming for the good of my relationship," and "I see positive changes everyday in my relationship with my partner." Affirmations can be powerful tools to creating the changes you desire in your relationships, explains psychotherapist and author Ronald Alexander in his "Psychology Today" article, "5 Steps to Make Affirmations Work for You."