Games for Small Christian Groups

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Whether you're in an official small group with a church, or you simply find yourself among a group of friends who all happen to be Christians, there are many games that can be played while maintaining a Christian outlook. To put it frankly, Christians should have more fun than a group of non-Christians, because Christians can maintain sobriety while they hang out, keeping an awareness of the blessings God has provided. Don't let faith be a hindrance at your party. Let it be the fuel.

1 Physical Games

Sports are a great way to build trust within a small group. One of the best sports that both sexes can play together is volleyball. If it's snowing or raining, rent out a court at a local gym for an evening. But if it's nice out, play sand volleyball at a beach or park. Just make sure to wear appropriate clothes if playing with both sexes. If the ladies are wearing swimsuits or short shorts, this could lead the guys in the group to impure thoughts. Focus on the game itself, and end the night with a Bible study. Everyone will be ready to study the Word after some team-building physical activity.

2 Improv Games

One of the common misconceptions about Christians is that they're uptight. Quite the contrary. Christians can be very crazy and fun people to be around. If you've seen "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" it's clear how much fun improvisational comedy can be. Christians can play the same sorts of games, only without the dirty jokes and sexual innuendos. Like the games on the show, the points don't matter much, and can be made up as you go. Anyone can do improv, plus Christians can make it God-honoring and wholesome. Nobody needs the crude antics of "Saturday Night Live" if you can put together your own sketch comedy game with your Christian sisters and brothers.

3 Indoor Games

If it's too hot or cold outside, play cards or board games in one of the group members' houses. Avoid gambling with Christians, though, because there may be weaker brothers in the group who may be convicted of sin when money is put up. Keep your faith in God, not a roll of dice. When it comes to board games, go for something that both genders will enjoy. Christian single women usually aren't interested in a war strategy game like Risk, but everybody can have fun playing the Bible Edition of Apples to Apples.

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