Etiquette for Refusing a Bachelorette Party Invitation

If a bachelorette party is not your cup of tea, it is perfectly okay to politely decline an invitation.
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It is perfectly acceptable to decline an invitation to a bachelorette party as long as you do it in a timely and polite fashion. Using the invitation itself as a guide, respond with your regrets accordingly. Be gentle in your refusal and offer thanks for the invitation to avoid hurting feelings.

1 Prompt Answer

Courteously provide the hostess with a quick RSVP within the time frame specified on the card. Use the RSVP card if you are provided with one; if not, feel free to phone in, e-mail or text your regrets. Your timely response allows her to make plans accordingly. Be brief and honest in your regrets when it is prudent, such as when you have pre-existing obligations, but there is no need to go into detail.

2 Express Gratitude

Offer your thanks for being invited to the bachelorette party. Send a card or gift to show you are thinking of the bride if you wish.

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