How Can I Tell My Dad I Want a New Phone?

Convince your father that you need a new cell phone by researching the benefits.
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Cell phone users not only make phone calls, they also text message, email and use social media to keep in contact with family and friends. If your phone is lacking the necessary features to effectively communicate, it may be time to get a new one. Approaching your father about getting a new phone can be difficult, but if you highlight your maturity and responsible character, it will push you one step closer to getting your new phone.

Develop a foolproof argument that you need a good cell phone. For example, your current phone does not allow you to talk hands free -- a must when you are walking home with an armload of books. You need Internet access for research at work and after school, email access and electronic reader applications. You must also have a keyboard that functions properly when sending messages. Whatever your reasoning, make sure you build your case securely before speaking to your father.

Research the name and model of the cell phone you want. Keep in mind that some devices are not compatible with certain service plans. Visit your provider's website. Print out important information to bring to your father, such as the features, prices and plan requirements (if applicable).

Consider saving money to help purchase the phone. Cell phones are a big investment, so showing your father that you are responsible will earn points during the conversation. Set a goal and challenge yourself to adjust your spending habits to reach it. Make money babysitting or delivering newspapers. Apply for jobs around your community. Make a deal with your parents to receive an allowance for extra work around the house.

Schedule a meeting with your father to discuss your request. Buying a new cell phone is a big deal. You want to show him that you take it seriously. Hold your conversation during a good time for you, your father and any other family members you would like to include in the decision.

Stay calm during the discussion. Refrain from complaining, whining or using immature phrases, such as, "But Tommy has that phone!" You want to show your father that you are emotionally ready to handle a new device. If he interrupts, ask him to let you finish your thoughts. Respect what he says and do not push the issue.

  • Cell phones can be a major distraction while driving. Assure your father that you will only use your cell phone at appropriate times, so as not to put yourself or others at risk.

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