How to Blow-Dry a Jagged Bob

Jagged bobs should be smooth and sleek to show off those sassy layers.
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The first heated device intended for drying women's tresses was a dome-shaped contraption that wrapped around a woman's head and directed warm air towards the hair to encourage drying, according to the "New York Times." Invented in 1888, blow-dryers have gone through quite a few transformations since -- and it's a good thing too. Geometrical, structured bobs require specific styling and shaping techniques to get that sleek, smooth bob that hugs the face and shows off those choppy, jagged layers to their full effect.

Wash and condition your hair using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner in a light formula. The goal for a jagged bob is to create sleek, smooth hair strands so that you can show off those layers. These shampoo and conditioner formulas will make the styling process much easier.

Towel dry your hair to remove excess moisture so that your hair is just damp.

Spritz your entire head of hair with a smoothing heat protectant. Be sure to apply the product evenly from root to tip. Run your fingers through your hair to encourage the product to spread evenly.

Draw a horizontal part from your right temple around your head to your left temple. Clip up the hair above the part with a couple of alligator clips.

Attach a flat blow-dryer nozzle to your device. This nozzle will direct the heated air from the blow-dryer to specific areas to get that shiny, smooth texture you are after.

Separate out a 1-inch-wide section of hair below the horizontal part. Place the round brush underneath the section of hair at the roots.

Turn the blow-dryer onto a medium-high heat setting and direct the air over the hair captured on the round brush. Direct the air flow down towards the ends of the hair so that you smooth out the hair shaft as you dry and style.

Pull the brush down the length of the hair slowly, keeping tension in the hair shafts. Follow along with the blow-dryer so that the heat and air dries the hair while the brush pulls the hair into shape and creates that smooth, glossy finish. Pull the brush directly down and release from the ends of the hair to create a slick, straight look.

Repeat this blow-drying process with the next 1-inch-wide section of hair. Keep working in 1-inch-wide sections until all of the hair below the horizontal part has been dried.

Release the hair clipped up above the horizontal part. Blow-dry the top layers of hair the same way you did the lower layers.

Run a flat iron over your top layers to create an extra sleek finish and to smooth out any hairs near the crown of your head at the root.

Spritz the bob with a small amount of light-hold hairspray to keep the look controlled all day.

  • Be careful not to burn your scalp with the blow-dryer.
  • Run a flat iron over your top layers to create an extra sleek finish and to smooth out any hairs near the crown of your head at the root. For those with fine, straight hair you may not need this step at all.
  • Be careful not to blow-dry one section of hair for too long so that you don't cause damage to the hair shafts.

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