An LPN is a licensed practical nurse. LPN's perform many duties including caring for the six and working with doctors. You can become an LPN quickly if you have the right credentials and background.

Take advanced placement courses in high school. AP classes will give you credits to help you avoid certain classes. You can take AP classes in subjects related to nursing such as chemistry and biology. Most schools of nursing and community colleges will let you get credits this way instead of taking classes.

Take examinations instead of classes. If you have knowledge of a specific subject but haven't demonstrated it via AP classes you can still take formal exams to get college credits. Such exams are known as CLEP. You can take the exams at your leisure and then use them as credit for an LPN class.

Take a full load of courses. A full load of course is necessary in order to complete the term as much as possible. You should study all subjects that you possibly can. You may be able to take additional LPN classes other than the ones you qualify for. Consider taking up to twenty credits in a single term.