The Average Scores for the SAT II Subject Test for Biology

The SAT biology subject tests are one hour long.
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SAT subject tests are content-based standardized tests that some students take to demonstrate their knowledge in a specific subject area. Some colleges require SAT subject tests for admission or course placement. There are two biology subject tests: ecological biology and molecular biology. Like the other sections of the SAT, the biology subject tests are scored on a scale from 200 to 800.

1 Ecological Biology Test

The average score for the ecological biology test is 623, according to College Board, the organization that develops and administers the SAT tests. The ecological and molecular biology tests both include 60 questions that address the major concepts of biology typically taught in high school. The ecological biology test also includes 20 questions that test your knowledge of ecological concepts such as biological populations, evolution and energy flow.

2 Molecular Biology Test

The average score for the molecular biology test is 654, according to College Board. In addition to the shared questions that cover basic biological concepts, the molecular biology test includes 20 questions on cellular processes and biochemistry. You can't take the ecological and molecular tests on the same test day, but if you want to take both tests, you can sign up for two test dates.

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