How to Pass High School Chemistry


High school chemistry can be a difficult course for many students to pass. According to Dr. Brenna E. Lorenz of the University of Guam Division of Natural Sciences, chemistry is a subject that requires "a lot of time and hard work and requires students to be active and aggressive" to do well. Learning the proper methods to pass high school chemistry is key to successfully completing the course and furthering your education.

  • Chemistry book
  • Study group
  • Chemistry club
  • Tutor

1 Brush up on your math skills

Brush up on your math skills. According to Lorenz, you should already know how to work with fractions, negative numbers, exponents and logarithms, as well as how to manipulate and solve algebraic equations.

2 Read and study your assigned chemistry textbook

Read and study your assigned chemistry textbook regularly. Your chemistry textbook will show you how to complete problems step by step.

3 Participate in all labs actively

Participate in all labs actively. Chemistry labs provide students the ability to have hands-on experience with different equipment and chemicals. Follow all lab safety instructions thoroughly and carefully to prevent injuring yourself.

4 Practice as many chemistry problems possible

Practice as many chemistry problems possible. "The number one reason why students fail chemistry is that they do not work enough problems," says Lorenz.

5 Form

Form a study group and meet often to study and quiz one another. Ask other students in your chemistry class to join your study group and set a scheduled time to meet. You can plan to meet the day before a test is given or meet on a daily or weekly basis to study.

6 Join a reputable chemistry club

Join a reputable chemistry club, like ACS ChemClub. According to ACS Chemistry for Life, the ACS ChemClub is a high school chemistry club that provides students with unique opportunities to experience chemistry beyond the classroom, with over 200 clubs across the United States where students participate in after-school activities, get involved in community building, learn about chemistry careers, enjoy social events and better understand how chemistry plays a role in our everyday lives.

  • If your school does not have an ACS ChemClub, the ACS Chemistry for Life recommends starting your own by talking to students and administrators at your school about starting the program, learning what's involved by previewing the ACS High School Chemistry Clubs Handbook and by applying online.
  • If you're still struggling at passing high school chemistry, try getting a tutor.
  • Attending class regularly is a must to pass high school chemistry.

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