What Is the Meaning of Rose Colors & Numbers?

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When you give roses to someone it is good to know that the color of the roses you choose carries significance. Similarly, the number of roses you give carries a meaning with it as well.

1 Red Roses

Typically, red roses symbolize romantic love. The most common number of roses to give is a dozen, and giving twelve red roses says, “I love you completely.” Giving six red roses implies a growing love.

2 Yellow Roses

Friendship is the message of yellow roses. A single yellow rose is inviting friendship or expressing gratitude for friendship. A bouquet of yellow roses symbolizes joy or warmth or sends get-well wishes.

3 Pink Roses

Pink roses represent gratitude and love. They may also be used to express sympathy. Giving a single pink rose says, “I like you,” while a dozen pink roses is saying “Be mine.”

4 White Roses

White roses are often used in weddings to represent purity and new beginnings. Ironically, white roses also symbolize remembrance and are given as sympathy arrangements as well. A single white rose is saying that the giver’s intentions are pure.

5 Orange Roses

Passion and energy are the messages of the orange rose. A single orange rose tells the recipient that you are proud of him or her.

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