The Advantages of Adobe Acrobat

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Using the Adobe Acrobat PDF format for documents is one way to email graphic and text files to others. You open Adobe Acrobat and convert your word processing program file to a standard Adobe PDF file. It’s an easy process. You can also easily post Adobe Acrobat files to your website. You don’t need to know HTML or any other type of web programming code. It’s as simple as converting your document to PDF and uploading it to your server.

1 Work Collaboration

With Adobe Acrobat, groups of writers, website designers and graphic designers can review each other’s work easily and inexpensively. That’s because Acrobat is able to convert files from a wide range of application programs to PDF files. This eliminates the need for each member of your staff to have separate copies of each other’s application software. And, it also eliminates the need for your staff to use the same type of computer. With advanced versions of Adobe Acrobat, you can even share videos in PDF files, without having to share video software programs.

2 Browser Format Compatibility

Acrobat offers a standardized output format. What you see in the final PDF file will be exactly what others see. All headings, indentations, font sizes, font styles and graphics are preserved in the document. When you post a PDF file on a website, you don’t have to worry that the images or fonts won't display correctly on different browsers. Because a PDF file is a graphic image file, the document appears exactly the same in different browsers.

3 Search and Find

PDF files produced with Acrobat can be readily searched for words. Simply type the word in the search box, and Adobe Acrobat highlights all the words or phrases that you entered. Click on the next icon in the toolbar to jump to the next instance of the found item.

4 Comment Sharing

Adobe Acrobat permits the addition of comments throughout the document. This lets different editors insert comments about specific paragraphs and sentences exactly where they are needed. Comments are not inline either. Just click on the comment icon, and the comment appears in a pop-up window.

5 Graphics Copy and Paste

Adobe Acrobat lets you copy graphics and pictures within the PDF file and paste them into your other documents as bitmap images.

6 Custom Security Features

You can set security levels for your PDF document. For example, you can define whether or not another person is allowed to edit the text, the graphics or place comments within the PDF document. You can also set a password for the document, so those that want to view the document will need permission. This is useful if you want to charge customers to access information.

Mark Stansberry has been a technical and business writer over for 15 years. He has been published in leading technical and business publications such as "Red Herring," "EDN" and "BCC Research." His present writing focus is on computer applications programming, graphic design automation, 3D linear perspective and fractal technology. Stansberry has a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from San Jose State University.