How to Turn Off Read-Only Mode in OpenOffice

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Making a file read-only through OpenOffice prevents anyone from accidentally modifying the document. However, it offers no security benefit, as other users can still open and view the document without needing a password. Similarly, read-only mode is not secured with a password, so you can disable it with just one click.

1 Disabling Read-Only

All major programs in the Apache OpenOffice 4 suite support read-only mode through the document's Properties dialog. When enabled, this mode disallows any edits, deletions or additions to the document. Click the "Edit File" icon in the toolbar to disable read-only mode and allow editing. Another feature often used in conjunction with read-only mode is Record Changes, which is also enabled in the Properties dialog. Unlike read-only mode, you can password-protect the Record Changes feature, so even if someone disables read-only mode to edit your document, the red or orange changes are quite obvious.