How to Add Songs to Your YouTube Video

You can edit only your own videos on YouTube.
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Because YouTube enables you to edit your videos after you upload them, you can add songs to your videos to make them more attractive to viewers. You can add songs to the video even if the video already contains audio tracks, because the songs you add on YouTube overwrite the original tracks. The changes go live as soon as you save them.

Log in to your YouTube account, click your name in the upper right corner of the page, and then click the "Video Manager" link to open the Uploads page.

Click the "Edit" button next to the video you want to edit, and then click the "Audio" tab.

Choose the song you want to add to your video from the Featured Tracks list. You can change the genre using the "Featured Tracks" drop-down box or search for a specific track by using the Search All Tracks search box. The track is positioned below the video after you select it.

Click the "Position Audio" button next to the song, position your track using the highlighted bar, and then click "Done positioning." You can change the length of the track by dragging the beginning and end of the bar to the left or to the right. To adjust the volume of the song, drag the slider next to the artist name to the left or to the right.

Add as many songs as you want and position them on your video. Click the "Save" button to save the changes.

  • YouTube blocks the audio of videos that contain copyrighted songs. If you repeatedly use copyrighted songs, YouTube may restrict or ban your account.
  • In most cases, you aren't allowed to distribute a song even if you purchased it. Adding the purchased song to your videos and then sharing it on YouTube is considered copyright infringement, and YouTube will block it.
  • You can add other catchy effects to your video before you add the songs by using the options in the Enhancements tab.
  • You can't add songs from your computer or the Internet to your video using the YouTube Video Manager due to potential copyright issues. You can, however, edit the video on your computer before you upload it to YouTube.

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