Activities & Plays for Morning School Assemblies

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School assemblies can provide a fun way for students to learn in a large group setting. For these gatherings, school staffs often host special activities and stage plays in order to better engage their students. The choice of activities varies widely, depending on the grade level, the message the school wishes to convey and the time of year.

1 Interactive Presentations

Assembly presentations are an effective way to communicate to the school the changes that are currently taking place or that you are planning. Using a simple slideshow presentation, you can make the information more interesting to the students by incorporating a poem or a storyline. You can also make it interactive by having volunteers demonstrate the message via a short play. For instance, if the message is about child safety, you can role-play what it means to be safe and cautious.

2 Holiday-Themed Activities

Incorporate the holidays into the morning school assembly through the use of songs and story-telling. For instance, if the holiday is Valentine's Day, the students can sing songs or recite poems that serve as an expression of how they feel about somebody special, maybe another classmate, a parent, a sibling or even their pets. Also, in groups of three or four, the students can perform a play of what it means to care for somebody. If the holiday is Christmas, the children can create ornaments in their home classroom, then during assembly time they can hang their creations on the Christmas tree in the assembly room.

3 School Improvement Activity

For an effective way to learn how the students feel about their school and the change they would like to take place on campus, hand each student a piece of paper, a pencil and some colored markers. Have the younger students draw pictures of what they like best about the school while the older students write down what they like and what they would change. You can even request the older students to suggest how to go about implementing the changes they suggest. This activity will help develop leadership skills as the students become involved in the changes they recommend.

4 End of School Year Assembly

Compile a collection of photos taken throughout the school year and incorporate them into a short film for the students, so they can enjoy looking at the memories of the past year. The film can even include interviews with some of the students. For an additional challenge, involve the students in the creation of the film by assigning one grade to create the storyline, one to organize all the photos and video clips that will be included in the film and another to edit it. At the end of the film, have the students gather in groups of four or five to discuss what they learned and what their favorite part of the school year was.

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