Nursery School Exhibition Ideas

Art exhibitions are an effective way to showcase student work.
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Nursery school exhibitions provide an opportunity for families to gather, celebrate, mingle and learn about the kinds of activities happening in school. Schools or teachers can host art, music, cultural or theme-based exhibitions and invite families to visit. Exhibitions are a way to build home-school connections and strengthen parent-teacher relationships.

1 Art Exhibition

Art exhibitions offer students a chance to display their work for parents, siblings and classmates. Teachers from each class should choose specific art projects they have done with their students and present them in their rooms. This type of art exhibition showcases a variety of types of artwork around the school. Schools might also choose to establish a topic for the art exhibit. For example, use animals as a topic. Teachers in different classrooms can develop animal-related art project ideas for their students. One teacher might do animal finger painting by creating footprints with fingertips and sponge shapes. Another teacher can do animal sculptures with modeling compound or clay. Parents can tour the classrooms to see how each class created animal art.

2 Music Exhibition

Music plays a large role in nursery education. Children typically learn to sing songs and even play some instruments. According to KidsHealth, children who grow up with sensory experiences of hearing music, singing and moving to the beat are exercising their brain cells. Include different musical presentations as part of your music exhibition. For instance, one room might present a collection of instruments, including instruments the children made, such as maracas created from empty plastic water bottles and rice. Children can demonstrate how to use the instruments. Have the school stage a concert for parents in which children sing songs or perform dances. Dance and movement come naturally to young children, even before words, notes the National Dance Education Organization.

3 Cultural Exhibition

A cultural exhibition is a chance to celebrate the diversity of students who attend the school. Teachers can invite parents to bring in a dish that represents their heritage. Set up the collection of foods on a buffet table for all families to feast on. A cultural exhibition would also include artwork, music and dance. This type of event involves parents while simultaneously creating a warm energy and welcoming school community. Invite families to help with decorations, invitations and various activities.

4 Theme-Based Exhibition

Nursery schools or specific classrooms can host a theme-based exhibition based on an area of study. For example, create a dinosaur exhibition with different types of projects such as fossils created in plaster or favorite dinosaur books chosen by the children with their accompanying drawings. Invite children to bring in their own dinosaur toys or stuffed animals so classes can create mock habitats in the classrooms.

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