When a student attempts to become a student council representative at their school, there are a few hurdles involved. They have to prove that they will be well-suited to the job, and the primary way of doing so is to have someone write a letter of recommendation for them. This letter is often written by someone respected who is well-acquainted with the student, such as a parent, teacher or boss. A letter of recommendation for a student council representative can be written by following a traditional format.

Detail how you know the student. Describe your relationship with them, when you first met them, and provide a small anecdote about an experience that you had with them that paints them in a positive light. This will be the first paragraph, and it can be anywhere from 100 to 200 words, as long as the information is present.

Write about the reasons that you believe the student would be an apt leader in the second paragraph. Describe their leadership skills and how they have displayed them in the past while in your presence.

Detail how the student would be able to meet the needs of the student council in the third paragraph. Ask the student in question ahead of time what the particular responsibilities of the job are so that you can be as accurate as possible.

Talk about specific accomplishments of the student in the fourth paragraph. Include academic, extra curricular, familial, work and any other successful endeavors that you are aware of.

Write a concluding paragraph, summarizing those already written and reassuring the reader of your complete confidence in the student.

Sign the letter at the bottom of the page.