How to Write a Letter to the Bishop for Confirmation

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Confirmation is a sacrament that completes a Catholic's baptismal vows. In the rite of confirmation, a Catholic who has already been baptized receives the Holy Spirit. After the confirmation ceremony, Catholics believe that the recipient becomes a "perfect Christian" – a soldier of Christ. The bishop of the diocese typically performs the rite of confirmation. Before the person can be confirmed, however, she must write a letter to the bishop that expresses her desire to be confirmed and explains how she came to Christ. This letter has a prescribed order and must provide specific information, such as her confirmation name.

1 Write your address

Write your address, without your name. Skip a line, and type the date. Skip another line, and type the bishop's name and church address.

2 Type Dear Bishop

Type "Dear Bishop (Name)" followed by a colon. Skip a line.

3 Begin the letter

Begin the letter by identifying yourself and naming your parish. Explain that you are seeking the sacrament of confirmation and that you are seeking the sacrament of your own free will.

4 Explain you

Explain why you want to be confirmed in a new paragraph. Provide enough detail to fill a paragraph. Be specific so the bishop can see that you truly want to be confirmed.

5 Start a third paragraph

Start a third paragraph and explain what you have been doing to prepare for confirmation, such as attending a parish mission, helping in the community or doing other volunteer work for the church.

6 Identify the person

Identify the person whom you have chosen to be your confirmation sponsor in a new paragraph. Explain why she is a good role model for you as a Catholic.

7 Tell the bishop

Tell the bishop your confirmation name and detail the reasons why you feel close to that particular saint whose name you selected. This information is the fifth paragraph.

8 Explain you-2

Explain how you will contribute to the parish in the future in the final paragraph. Be specific and avoid mentioning things every Catholic should do, such as going to church on Sundays. Instead, discuss how you plan to volunteer or enrich the lives of others in the church.

9 Close the letter by typing Respectfully

Close the letter by typing "Respectfully," and skipping three lines. Type your full name, and sign above your typed name.

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