How to Write a Proposal for Transport Services

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Transport services play a critical role in the economy as most goods and services frequently need to be transported from one location to another. More and more clients are looking to outsource transportation in a bid to lower costs and liabilities and focus on their core line of business. Your success in winning a contract depends on writing an effective business proposal based on your charges and service delivery.

1 Differs

The proposal writing process differs depending on what type of proposal you need to draft: solicited or unsolicited. Solicited proposals are much easier to write because they respond to a particular Request for Proposal from a customer. Ask for the customer's requirements, such as layout and evaluation criteria, when responding to an RFP. When submitting an unsolicited proposal, convince your target client that he needs your transport services, and be sure to follow up.

2 Save the executive summary for last

Save the executive summary for last even though it appears in the first paragraph of the proposal. Give the summary a lot of attention since it will heavily influence your potential customer's first impression of you. In the executive summary, describe your company, what your transport services will do for the customer, and how she will benefit from using your services.

3 Outline the technical approach

Outline the technical approach to providing the transport services: how you will accomplish what is required, the schedule for offering your services, and the vehicles and other equipment you possess to do the job. Describe the efficiency of your equipment to meet the customer's needs. Do not use exaggerated language to praise your services and your company -- this is unprofessional.

4 Outline the managerial aspects

Outline the managerial aspects of your services. Transport services involve a lot of logistics and high-quality management to serve customers effectively. Show how the provision of services will be supervised and explain the responsibilities of the managers. These details will demonstrate your commitment to efficiency and safety.

5 Describe the qualifications of your company

Describe the qualifications of your company, its business experience and achievements. Indicate that you are a licensed and insured transport service provider. If you are just starting out and have no substantial experience, do not be discouraged. Go ahead and state convincingly your ability to offer the best transport services.

6 Offer a pricing schedule for your services

Offer a pricing schedule for your services. Ensure that the prices you list in the proposal are well thought out and comply with your company’s overall budget. Because this is a proposal, make it clear that the prices are subject to negotiation.

7 Be to provide complete and accurate contact information

Be sure to provide complete and accurate contact information and references in your proposal.

  • Consider sending your proposal together with a cover letter that further describes how your transport services match the customer's needs.
  • Read the requirements and regulations for writing government proposals. The Federal Acquisition Regulations apply.