How to Write a Thank Note to a Minister for Funeral Services

Your thank-you note should be handwritten.
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Ministers are usually paid for services performed at a funeral. This can range from overseeing the event to delivering a brief message at the grave site. However, do not mistake payment for a heartfelt thank you. Ministers should receive a handwritten thank-you note from a close family member of the deceased within three months of the funeral.

1 Opening

Begin your letter with a formal but warm salutation, such as "Dear." Be sure to include the title that your minister prefers. Common denominational titles include "Reverend" and "Pastor."

2 Body

Thank the minister for the duties he performed at the funeral. Be specific and list them. Then, compliment the minister. For example, you might say something like, "Thank you for giving the sermon at the funeral. The scriptures you choose gave us peace and comfort."

3 Conclusion

End with a note of appreciation. You might say that, in addition to enjoying the sermon, you also appreciated the fact that the minister took the time to come to your home and meet with you to help you plan the funeral, or that he sat in prayer with you before the start of the service. Conclude with a sincere closing, such as "Warm Regards" or "With Thankfulness."

4 Other Considerations

Do not include payment in the note. The fee for services rendered should be given first, followed by the thank-you note within three months of the funeral. In addition, use a nice card rather than flimsy notebook paper, and write the note by hand with a quality pen. Taking the time to create a handwritten note, rather than shooting off a quick email or even typing and printing a note, shows a thankful heart.