How to Prepare a Personal Services Contract

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The definition of personal services is far-reaching and not limited to one specific industry. It can range from working as someone's personal barber to providing home private-care services for people in need. If you do enter into an agreement with a client for personal services, take the time to prepare an official personal services contract.

1 Enter your full name

Enter your full name, company name and address as well as that of the client at the top of the contract. Contact information is commonly listed in the first paragraph to properly define each party to the contract.

2 Discuss the specific details

Discuss the specific details of the arrangement in the second paragraph of the contract. Include dates, times and exact services you plan to provide. If this is a finite agreement with a definite end date, enter the exact date when you plan to stop providing services to the client.

3 Explain the roles

Explain the roles that each party to the contract must play to keep this agreement valid in another section. You can separate this into two sections--"Client Responsibilities" and "Servicer Responsibilities."

4 Outline the payment schedule for your personal services

Outline the payment schedule for your personal services in the next section of the contract. For instance, say you’ve agreed to accept payment on a weekly basis with a deposit payable before the start of services. Write the details of this arrangement along with the acceptable forms of payment (such as cash or check) in this section so that both parties are clear about the terms. If the client must pay additional expenses (such as gas, tolls and supplies), include that information in this section as well.

5 Discuss grounds

Discuss grounds for termination of the personal services contract (and the process that either party must take to properly terminate the agreement) in another section. For example, if you’re acting as a personal stylist for a client, you might want to terminate the agreement if you and the person you’re styling continually have disagreements regarding his clothing choices.

6 List any additional clauses

List any additional clauses associated with the personal services contract toward the end of the document. For instance, if this contract is an exclusive arrangement (meaning the client can only use your company for this service), include that clause in the agreement.

7 Provide a section

Provide a section at the end of the personal services contract where both you and the intended client can sign to make the agreement legally binding. Sign the document in the presence of a notary public if possible--the notary acts as a witness and looks at the identification of both parties before stamping the document.

  • Send your finished contract to your lawyer to ensure that you've covered all bases in the agreement.

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