How to Write a Personal Statement for Architecture

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If you want to go to architecture school, the educational institution may require you to submit an essay, or personal statement, that explains why you have selected architecture as a career choice and why you would be a strong student at the school. The personal statement for architecture school is typically between one and two pages in length and can be submitted with your school application and transcripts.

  • High-quality paper

1 Writing a Personal Statement for Architecture

2 Begin with an inspirational quote

Begin with an inspirational quote. Find a quote that has inspired you or one that is related to the industry as part of your introduction. Quotes add a personalized, distinctive touch to any personal essay or statement. You can find quotes about architecture in architectural magazines or digests, in notes from a professor in the department of architecture at your school or from an online search.

3 Explain the quote

Explain why the quote resonates with you. Highlight key reasons why the quote is relevant to you personally, and introduce yourself as a student looking for a way to pursue a career in the field.

4 Share your educational experience

Share your educational experience. Explain your educational track up to this point, emphasizing courses and subjects related to architecture and design in which you have excelled. Explain why you found these topics interesting and what your specific skills and strengths are.

5 Describe work experience

Describe work experience relevant to your industry. Include any work-study, internship or externship programs you have completed; these may include apprenticeship programs at a local architectural firm, special projects you were involved with through the department of architecture and general work experiences that have given you creativity and design skills you can apply to your profession.

6 Explain any achievements or certifications received

Explain any achievements or certifications received. If you received formal certification as a draftsman or designer or recognition for your achievement as an architect's assistant, introduce and explain that in this section.

7 Conclude with your educational goals

Conclude with your educational goals. Explain why the next step for your educational career would be to become a student at architecture school. This section should explain what specific talents, skills and knowledge you have acquired that would make you a successful architect. Explain what you expect to achieve or accomplish by going to architecture school.

8 Print your personal statement in black ink on quality paper

Print your personal statement in black ink on quality paper; this will be attached to your application materials.

  • Reference names of instructors or mentors that may have helped you throughout your educational career. Include specific dates of work experience and companies/firms. Use a professional, formal tone for the personal statement.

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