A Way to Get Your Craigslist Postings to the Top

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In the early days of Craigslist, the only way to get your ad back to the top of search results was to delete and resubmit it. Now, you have the ability to renew your ads. Renewing an ad changes its posting date and time to the current date and time, which moves it right back to the top of Craigslist searches. You can renew your ad every 48 hours until the ad's expiration date, which is 30 days from the time it was listed, and you can do it even if you listed your ad without a Craigslist account.

1 With a Craigslist Account

2 Visit the Craigslist Account Login Web page

Visit the Craigslist Account Login Web page (see link in Resources) and log in to your account.

3 Click the

Click the "Your Postings" tab if it doesn’t open automatically.

4 Click the Renew link Renew under the Manage header

Click the "Renew" link under the "Manage" header next your ad to renew it.

5 Without a Craigslist Account

6 Open the email

Open the email Craigslist sent you when you posted the ad. Part of its subject line is "Post/Edit/Delete."

7 Click the Manage link

Click the "Manage" link in the email.

8 Click the Renew this Posting button on the Manage Web page

Click the "Renew this Posting" button on the Manage Web page to renew it.

  • The 48 hour clock between renewals resets at the exact time you renew your Craigslist ad.

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