Connecting multiple peripherals of the same type such as two mice or two keyboards isn't practical in most cases, but Windows will nevertheless recognize all devices connected to your system, including two webcams. This configuration could be useful if you want to set up a basic home monitoring system. Windows 8 includes a native camera app that can detect both webcams, and it allows you to switch between webcam views on the fly.

Step 1

Connect both webcams to your computer. If you have a laptop or monitor with a built-in camera, connect just one webcam.

Step 2

Click the "Start" button and type "Camera." Click the purple tile labeled "Camera" to launch the Camera app and see the view from one of your connected webcams.

Step 3

Right-click anywhere on the screen and then click "Change camera" to switch the current view to the other connected webcam. Repeat this step to change back to the first webcam.