Types of Mediums

Throughout the ages, people have wanted to communicate with loved ones who have passed away. A medium is a person who can do just that. There are different types of mediums with different methods of channeling messages from the dead to pass on to us.

Clairsentient Medium

Clairsentient mediums communicate feelings of the departed. While she is communicating with the dead, the medium will be able to feel the emotions of the spirit as well as the intended recipient of the message.

Clairavoyant Medium

Clairavoyant mediums communicate with the departed via visions. This is usually done in trance. Clairavoyant mediums will describe the visions to the recipient as affirmations of communication.

Clairaudient Medium

A clairaudient medium can audibly hear the message that the spirit is attempting to convey. Often, the message seems silly and obscure to the medium, but makes perfect sense to the recipient.

Psychic Channeler

A psychic channeler will physically allow the spirit to manipulate his voice box to communicate with a loved one. The medium is not possessed by the spirit, as the spirit is not occupying the body of the medium.

Psychic Medium

A psychic medium is able to see, hear and communicate with spirits on every level. A person who is a psychic medium will be able to describe the appearance and voice of the departed.