What Are the Signs of Being Psychic?

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Psychic experiences have been known to arise all throughout history. More and more, average people have been known to exhibit extra sensory perceptions. Basically, people exhibit signs of supernatural abilities by visions or feelings that can’t be physically explained. Have you ever wondered if you’re psychic or not? Here are some telltale signs of psychic ability that can help you determine the answer.

1 Retrocognition

If you’ve ever had the awareness of past events, but just ”knowing,” you may be experiencing a psychic event. This often happens spontaneously, through dreams, or in everyday life. What happens is that you gain information of past events by perceiving scenes, sometimes as sounds or as smells of the past.

2 Precognition

This is foresight of the future through a supernatural way, before they occur. You know what will have an impending vision or feeling of what is to happen next. Sometimes you will see a vision in your mind, experience physical ailments or even fall into trancelike phases. Also, your dreams may offer you insight of a direct future account.

3 Psychometry

This is the psychic ability to find out about someone by touching a belonging or artifact that she once possessed. Vibrations will occur within this contact that will send you accurate clues and information. If you’ve ever touched an object and have been able to “read” it, you show signs of psychic ability.

4 Telepathy

If you have the ability to send thoughts through your mind while others can detect your messages, you show signs of being psychic. This silent communication allows you to send emotions and information to others without even having to be present. You can also read minds, if you're telapathic.

5 Objective Clairvoyance

You can see spirits that others can’t see with their own eyes. This is also an uncommon supernatural ability that indicates that you may be a medium. If you can do this, you may also be able to see objects from spiritual realms too. When this happens, you are detecting vibrations of a spirit that is being interpreted with your physical eyes.

6 Subjective Clairvoyance

When you receive images, impressions, visions or messages from a spirit, you’re showing signs of subjective clairvoyance. This happens if you’re a medium. It can happen instantly, or through meditation. People, numbers, scenes and colors can all be sent into your mind. If you can receive messages from the spirit realm, you show signs of being psychic.

7 Remote Viewing

You can find objects that are far away, through paranormal means. You can also obtain information that is hidden from physical view. Remote viewing results from human psychic phenomena. If you exhibit this tendency, you are showing signs of psychic ability.

Stephanie Flood began writing professionally in 2008. She has been published in local magazines including "Flagstaff Live" and "The Noise." Her work also appears on various websites. She earned a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Northern Arizona University. Flood's writing covers subjects including health, wellness, spirituality, travel, living and outdoors.