Use winter weather facts as a theme for decorating your classroom.

Decorating your classroom in a winter theme can help chase away the cold weather blues. Involve your students in the process and make the decorating project interactive and educational. Try using your curriculum plan and class schedule to determine the best time to roll out a new look. You can even invite parents to a special party to unveil the creativity of your students. Done right, inviting winter into your classroom can be fun and engaging.

Let It Snow!

Create an indoor snowstorm by covering your room with unique snowflakes. Have your students create special snowflakes out of white paper. Provide glitter and other sparkly supplies to expand their creativity. Ask your students to write poems about snow and post them around the room. Cover a bulletin board with black paper and create a snow scene that includes facts about snow and big snowstorms that have hit your town or other regions of the country. Use your snow theme to teach science and weather facts.

It’s All Down Hill

Try using winter sports as a classroom decoration theme. The Winter Olympics can serve as your guide for featured sports. Divide your classroom into five sections, one for each Olympic ring. Feature a different sport in each section by posting pictures of relevant events. Ask your students to bring in equipment they may have that relates and display that, too. You can also create several faux gold medals for your bulletin board and use them to reward students who are top performers. Create a medal board to acknowledge your top achievers and celebrate your winter sports theme.

Frosty the Snow Pal

Snow pals are a fun way to introduce a winter theme into your classroom. Print a template of a snow pal and have each of your students decorate it with their own unique style. You can also use a combination of large and small paper plates to create fun snow pals. Have the class work together to create a giant snow pal as a centerpiece for your theme. If you have snow outside the classroom, create real snow pals at recess and bring one inside to see how long it takes to melt.

No Hibernating

Tie winter classroom decorating to a science theme by using winter animals as a theme. For example, have your students study penguin habitats and create one out of white paper, cotton and milk jugs in the room. Each student can make a unique penguin and hang it from the ceiling. Provide a template for the penguin or have students display their own creativity with individual renditions. Further your decorating by asking students to make individual posters explaining more about the life cycle of a penguin. The posters can surround the habitat to create a large winter display.