How to Make a Pretend Cave in a Classroom

Empty boxes form the basis for your classroom cave.

One way to incorporate various learning styles in your classroom is to present themes in different ways. For example, when you are teaching children about what caves are and the life inside of caves, build a pretend cave in your classroom. The cave can double as a place for reading activities or as part of a reward system for children who behave well. Regardless what use you have for the cave, it is a simple way to transform part of your classroom.

Move desks and supplies from one corner of the classroom. Clear the area entirely to build the pretend cave.

Surround the area with a variety of large boxes to construct the walls of the cave. Secure the boxes to each other with packing tape, to avoid unexpected cave collapses. Drape dark sheets over the boxes, including over the top of the cave, to create a ceiling. Be sure to leave an entry way for children to enter the cave.

Tile white Christmas lights throughout the top of the cave in case you need lights inside of the cave. Attach to an extension cord that can be plugged in whenever the lights are needed.

Fill paper bags with balls of newspaper. Staple the top of the paper bags to hold the paper in. Round the bag with your hands to resemble rocks. Scatter throughout the cave.

Place stuffed bears and bats inside of the cave. Hang bats from the ceiling with string to demonstrate the habitat.

  • Distribute flash lights to children to use inside of the cave.
  • Place bean bags and pillows inside the cave to use as a reading room for children during quiet time.
  • Ask children to create ancient writings for on the cave walls when learning about Mayans, Aztecs or Egyptians. This can be not only a history, but an art lesson as well.

Sara Hickman owns a preschool science-based entertainment business in the Greater Cincinnati area. She has a bachelor's degree in communication and psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.