Sophomore students in Texas must satisfy certain academic requirements before moving on to their junior year. The minimum graduation plans requires 22 credits total to complete high school and requires parental and principal approval. The standard recommended plan requires 26 credits in all to satisfy the requirements. In your sophomore year, you must complete some basic courses but you are also able to factor in some electives this year. If you are homeschooled, or moving to Texas from a different state, contact the Texas Department of Education to find out which credits will transfer.

The Basics

Your sophomore year requires English II or the advanced placement version of English II. For math you have the option to take Algebra II or Geometry with an ability to take an advanced placement course of either. Science offers Chemistry, advanced placement Chemistry or Physics and Chemistry integrated. Social studies is World History or advanced placement World History. These are the four "core" courses needed for your 10th grade year in Texas.


The state of Texas requires two credits in one foreign language for graduation. Each course you take gives you one credit. If you have not already taken a foreign language such as French or Spanish, consider starting your two-year program in 10th grade. Both credits must come from one language, for instance French I and French II. Taking Spanish I and French I will not satisfy this language requirement. If you took French I in ninth grade, continue with French II in 10th grade.

Physical Education

Texas requires its high school graduates to complete 1.5 credits in physical education to satisfy graduation requirements. Each semester of physical education grants you half of a credit. Take one semester of physical education in 10th grade to complete your sophomore year requirements. Choose either team sports --- such as basketball --- or individual sports --- such as weight training --- to complete this requirement.


Texas allows for 3.5 elective credits through your high school program. In your 10th grade year, you usually take two to three electives. These courses must be on the Texas Board of Education approved list. Some offerings are Art, Journalism and Photojournalism. Other options include Human Services, Health Sciences and Debate. Check with your high school to learn of the options available at your school.

Other Information

Teens that are homeschooled or coming from other states need to check with the school and the state to determine if its credits will transfer. While most will, some states offer different electives that are not on the Texas Board of Education approved list. Military families moving into Texas school districts may have exemptions to the credit policy, but still need verification through the school district.