Many aspiring engineers begin their college education by earning an Associate of Science degree in engineering. This is an ideal way for students to fulfill the basic requirements for an engineering degree before transferring to a four-year university. By earning their Associate of Science in engineering at a community college, students can also save a significant amount of tuition expenses. While completing their degree, students can choose to specialize in a specific engineering field, such as computer, mechanical, electrical or chemical.

Completing Your Degree

Step 1

Enroll in a Associate of Science in engineering program. These degree programs are commonly offered at community colleges or vocational schools.

Step 2

Sign up for classes that apply to the engineering field in which you are interested, whether that is computers, mechanics or chemical. These may or may not be offered at the Associate degree level, depending on the program.

Step 3

Take several general education courses in addition to your engineering classes. This will lessen the number of courses you'll need to take when you transfer to a four-year university.

Step 4

Begin working with an academic advisor from the four-year university you plan to attend as you approach your graduation from the Associate degree program. Ask the counselor which of your credits will transfer over to your new school. Many graduates of an Associate of Science in engineering program are able to enter a four-year university as a junior based on the credits they have already completed.

Step 5

Declare what field of engineering you plan to pursue. Most colleges will have separate majors for chemical engineering, computer engineering and electrical engineering. An advisor will be able to tell you which courses you need to complete to earn your bachelor's degree.

Step 6

Complete your bachelor's degree in engineering. Once you have graduated, you are eligible for a variety of engineering jobs. You can begin applying for positions that interest you or you can pursue a master's degree in engineering.


  • Although an Associate of Science degree is a good way to start your engineering education, remember that a bachelor's degree is the minimum educational requirement for most engineering jobs. Look at four-year colleges as soon as you begin your Associate degree program.


  • If you know what four-year university you plan to attend, meet with an academic advisor from that school before choosing your classes for your associate degree program. Your advisor can give you important information about what class credits will transfer over to the university program.