Telling Someone How Much You Enjoyed Talking to Them

Express your enjoyment to keep the conversation going.
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Whether you're talking with a romantic interest, a potential friend or even a teacher of one of your favorite subjects, it's hard to see a great conversation end. A good talk can stir up creative ideas or hint at just how much you may have in common with someone you barely know. Paying a sincere compliment lets the other person know you want more of this rewarding discourse.

1 A Compliment's Busy Life

A compliment, such as telling someone how much you enjoy his company, can serve social purposes beyond simply expressing your appreciation. In his chapter, “Compliments and Responses to Compliments,” within the text “Speech Act Performance: Theoretical, Empirical and Methodological Issues,” Noriko Ishihara of Hosei University points out that appreciative words can serve as a social lubricant of sorts, strengthening your bond with another person and opening the door to more meaningful interaction. When you've enjoyed a conversation with someone and want to spend more time together, don't hesitate to say “I've really enjoyed talking to you! Are you game for picking up where we've left off tomorrow?” Such comments ensure that the other person knows how much you've enjoyed the conversation and open the door to future conversations, as well.

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