Student's Duties & Obligations

Students who meet classroom obligations contribute to a positive learning environment.
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The media often focuses on a teacher’s role in making sure that students obtain a quality education. While teachers do have a strong impact on the learning process, students also have obligations to their teachers, their classmates and themselves. By fulfilling their fundamental duties, students can contribute to a positive learning experience for everyone in the classroom.

1 Attendance

Students should make every effort to maintain good attendance in their classes. Illnesses and emergencies do occur, so it may not be possible to show up every time. Nevertheless, students should do their best to consistently attend their lectures and get there before class begins. Missing school can lower attendance grades and result in missed quizzes or assignments. If a student misses a class, it is their responsibility to ask for a friend’s notes and talk to the teacher to determine whether an important announcement was made.

2 Participation

Each student should participate in the classroom. Discussing relevant subjects at appropriate times can spark new conversations and produce valuable debates. If instructors ask students to share thoughts with their respective groups, each student should contribute to the assignment. Students who are shy do not have to take a leadership role, but they can offer to take notes and add a few ideas.

3 Questions

Asking questions about unclear material is an important part of the classroom experience. It is not uncommon for students to have similar difficulties, so speaking up will help everyone understand the discussed information. Teachers can also benefit from a student’s questions. By finding out what subjects are hard to understand, instructors can adjust their lectures to clear up confusing topics.

4 Respect

Students need to respect the ideas and opinions of their classmates in and outside of the classroom. They should not ridicule someone for having a different viewpoint, and they should be willing to listen to alternative perspectives. Students can debate the merits and drawbacks of diverse viewpoints as long as it is done in a constructive manner. Not everyone will agree, but listening to new ideas can help people develop their thoughts and see subjects in a new light.

5 Preparation

Instructors expect students to study outside of the classroom. Students should complete assigned reading before class begins, so they can contribute their thoughts to new discussions. They should also finish homework before entering the classroom. Working on assignments during a lecture can distract other students and interfere with a teacher’s lesson plan. Students who attempt to work during class may also miss out on valuable information.

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