How to Always Have Something to Talk About in a Long-Distance Relationship

Try video chatting to personalize your long-distance communication.
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If you are in a long-distance relationship it can be difficult to find things to talk about. However, even though you're miles apart there are many creative ways to keep your conversations interesting and maintain your close connection in spite of your separation.

1 Predictability Is Predictably Dull

Avoid putting your long-distance relationship into a rut by setting up a "talking schedule," such as establishing a specific time each day to talk to each other. It may seem like a good idea, but it can lead to boredom, and may feel forced, rather than a natural part of your relationship. West Virginia University's WellWVU The Student's Center of Health recommends mixing things up whenever possible by calling at different times of the day and even taking a break for a day, to avoid the awkwardness of having nothing to say.

2 Good Gossip Gets Things Going

Don't forget that your partner isn't there to see and hear what's going on in your daily life. Be specific when telling a story. Paint a vivid mental picture. For example, instead of just saying, "it was hilarious when John strutted his stuff in Marcy's sweatshirt," describe how John was in the middle of the cafeteria and is twice the size of Marcy and the sweatshirt bared his belly for all to see. Equally important is to ask about your partner's day. Gossiping about daily events invites each of you to share your thoughts and often have a good laugh together.

3 Switch It Up

Technology allows you to move beyond the type of long-distance communication that your mom and dad used in their day. Instead of tethering yourself to your phone, open yourself up to other modes of "talking." Communicate using video chats, email, texts or social media. Share photos and comments on things like Facebook, follow each other on Twitter, live chat while you are hanging out on the computer. Sharing something on social media can lead to more in-depth conversations on the phone. Switching up your modes of conversation makes it easier to keep the communication going. Phone calls great for longer conversations, but a quick text such as,"Luv u" also helps keep your connection strong.

4 Use the News

Turning the conversation to topics outside of your personal lives can add variety to your conversations. Discuss and debate topical issues in the news, such as politics or an international conflict. Lighten up the conversation by talking about pop culture or discuss shared interests. Music, art, theater, movies, television, sports, or hobbies are all topics that can be shared long-distance. Read the same book and spend time talking about the plot or characters. If you are in college take a similar class and compare notes. By sharing your thoughts, ideas, values and beliefs you will get to know each other better in spite of the distance that separates you and your partner.

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