How to Teach Fashion Design to Kids

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Fashion design is an interesting subject to learn due to its infusion of marketing, creativity and individuality. Much like art, each piece and line is different, taking from a variety of inspiration points. Fashion is also something that can be observed on a daily basis through the clothing that is worn, making it ever present in our lives. This makes it a subject that can be studied from an early age by children. Fashion design can be taught to kids in a variety of ways.

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Poster Board
  • Glue
  • Paint

1 Have kids identify their personal style

Have kids identify their personal style. Individuality is the starting point for all fashion design. Give each child a piece of paper and have them brainstorm, writing down key words that they feel describes what they like to wear and the personality traits and interests that inspire their wardrobe.

2 To create their own mood boards

Help kids to create their own mood boards. Designers create mood boards as inspiration for each new fashion line. They serve as a point of reference to look back on while creating the line. Have kids cut out pictures that inspire them and paste them onto a piece of poster board. Photos can be anything from landscapes with beautiful colors, to people that they admire and screen shots from their favorite movies. They can also include words on their inspiration board.

3 To draw clothing

Instruct kids to draw clothing inspired by their mood board and personal style. Show them examples of designer sketches and pieces from magazines. Have them draw or paint at least three different designs and put them on display on a piece of poster board.

4 To name their new design company

Help kids to name their new "design company," and create a logo for it.They may choose to name it after themselves or select something new entirely. Have them draw their own logo and paste it onto the poster board with their designs.

5 Have kids

Have kids present their new line to the group. This presentation should include displaying the inspiration board and talking about why each aspect inspired the line. They should then discuss the individual pieces that they created and what they like about it, along with who would wear them. You may also decide to have kids detail this information in essay form, depending on the age group.

Lucy Clarke has been a freelance writer since 2007, generating creative content for the publications of each college she has attended. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual art from the University of Ottawa, a Bachelor of Fine Art in illustration and fashion design from the Ontario College of Art and Design and a creative writing diploma from George Brown College.