How Does a Girl Dress Gothic?

Stick to black and red when dressing gothic.
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Gothic fashion is distinctly dark and mysterious, often pulling inspiration from the Victorian period, vampire culture and influence from musical genres such as punk and industrial. People who dress gothic are often referred to as “goths,” and it’s hard to miss them walking down the street. Gothic outfits tend be over-the-top, creative, eye-catching and always centered around the color black.

1 Fade to Black

Girls who want to dip into gothic fashion first need to ditch all of the bright colors in their wardrobe. Keep your blacks, dark purples, reds, anything with leather or metal and chuck everything else. Since gothic fashion frequently pulls from Victorian fashion, many goth girls wear corsets and sometimes even full-blown period outfits. The dark aspect of goth culture frequently references death, horror and all things ghoulish, making items with skulls and crosses some of the go-to accessories for goth girls. Gothic hair and makeup usually consists of pale skin, dark or red eye makeup and most often black lipstick.

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